What to expect when A-1 Movers is on the job!

Most people when working with A-1 Movers have questions as to what to expect and what do they need to do to get ready when having professional movers working for them. Below is a list of common questions and thoughts for most people.

Tips for Moving from you Pickup Location

  1. Protect Your Pets – Secure your pets in rooms where movers will not be going. Our movers could have the doors to your home open for extended periods of time and they will not have the opportunity to stop your pets from running off.
  2. Secure Your Valuables – While there is no need to worry about theft with our team of professional movers, it is in the best interest of everyone that you lock up your valuable to avoid any potentially confusion or stressful situations.
  3. Mark what is Important – If you have any items or boxes that are fragile or that require any special handling while moving, please be sure to mark it on the package or provide our movers with instructions once they get there; i.e. boxes with picture frames, tables with weak legs, etc.
  4. Keep Us Informed – If you have any larger items that require us to disassemble it before we move it, please either have it prepared or let us know as soon as you can so that we can be better prepared to move them.

Reminders for Moving to your Destination

  1. Be Prepared – Know where you would like to move your furniture and boxes to prior to our arrival. A little planning will ensure we move your furniture and boxes into the right rooms and we will also be able to provide you with faster service.
  2. We Protect Your Floors – We will use runners in those high traffic areas to protect your carpet and flooring as we move your furniture and boxes.
  3. Let There Be Light – Whether we are moving during the day or night, sometimes we need lighting in certain rooms, please let us know if your destination has power at the time of the move.